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It is always important to equip your devices with an antivirus that will help you to access websites and files without putting your data and devices at risk. We have McAfee antivirus that will help you to access your details without the risk of virus invasion. With the comprehensive structure of McAfee products and a variety of security services, the brand has multiple defensive mechanisms to protect you from virus hits. Therefore, if you wish to have complete security for your data and device then download McAfee antivirus and avail its security services.

Mcafee activates software not only prevents you from harmful virus attacks but also alerts you about the upcoming vulnerable attack on your device. It also builds a defensive fortress against the latest and updated virus and Trojan attacks. In this article, you will get to learn the basics of downloading McAfee antivirus on your operating systems. If you have anything specific to ask you can easily visit the official website.

Downloading McAfee process for different OS

There are two main operating systems to download McAfee software, one is on the Windows 10 operating system and another one is on the Mac OS. The final or activation process might be different from each other but the downloading process for both the operating systems remains the same.

7 Easy steps to download McAfee activate on Windows 10 and Mac

Below are the steps to download McAfee for Windows 10 OS:-

  1. Visit using your internet browser.
  2. Tap on the “Product” section on the website.
  3. Choose the McAfee product from the list of products and services.
  4. Tap on the “Download” button present below each product.
  5. On-screen, you will see the McAfee payment page.
  6. Just complete the payment process and visit the registered email id.
  7. Wait for the downloading process to start and to complete.

McAfee Downloading errors

There are certain errors that might occur while downloading McAfee activate from the official website. In this section, you will get a brief description of these errors.

  • Error code 16002: Once you reset your PC you will see this error in the Windows Defender Security Center. The McAfee installer wizard scans the presence of more than one conflicting McAfee products on your system that you cannot remove automatically. It pop-ups with a message “Conflicting McAfee product(s) found”.

Solution: You just need to uninstall the colliding products and then start the installation process again.

  • Error code 16003: There is a presence of an invalid software package. You need to verify the details of your valid package. It comes with a message on-screen “Invalid Package”.

Solution: Make sure you download a valid McAfee file and then try to reinstall again.

  • Error code 16007-“Removal failed”: The McAfee activate installation wizard is not able to remove the old version of this product from the system.

Solution: The only solution to this issue was to remove these products manually before installing the new version or fresh product.

  • Error16008 “Installer failed to launch”: Error in McAfee installation wizard that it is not able to start up.

Solution: For this, you need advice and guidelines as offered by the technical Support assistants.

  • Error 16015 “Restart required”: In this error, the installation wizard does require a system restart for the continuation of the installation process.

Solution: You just have to restart your operating systems and continue with the installation process.

  • Error 16017 “Restart pending”: A system restart from the other installation process is still pending.

Solution: Restart your system and continue with the process of installation.

  • Error 16032: There are more than one McAfee endpoint security products that are failed to install. Here your previous software was uninstalled. You see a message on-screen with a message “Your system is not fully protected. The installer could not install [product name]. Call McAfee’s support for assistance” on screen.

Solution: In order to get complete and comprehensive security just get in touch with the Technical Support Team via helpline number available on the website.

McAfee activation process for Windows 10 and Mac OS

As informed above the activation process for both the operating systems are different. Here are the elaborated steps for both the processes.

7 Steps to activate McAfee on Windows 10 Operating System

  1. First of all, you have to enter the McAfee activation link in the browser you operate.
  2. Search the McAfee activation link from the retail card or the inbox mail.
  3. Type “” in the web browser’s search bar.
  4. After this, just type the activation code of 25 alphanumeric characters.
  5. Make sure you enter your registered email address.
  6. Just choose the “Language” and “Country” as preferred by you.
  7. Tap on the “Submit” button to complete the process.

7 Steps to activate McAfee on Mac Operating System

  1. Firstly, you have to search the “McAfee” icon on your desktop
  2. Just double-tap to open your McAfee product window.
  3. After this, you just have to enter the details related to the Mac admin account.
  4. Provide the serial number once prompted on-screen.
  5. Make sure you enter the activation code correctly.
  6. After entering the code, you have to tap on the “Finish” button.
  7. In the end, you just have to wait for the activation process to complete.

Where we find the activation key?

The McAfee product key is a 25 alphanumeric code that can be traced in two ways. If the user has purchased the McAfee product via an authentic online platform such as then it can be found out in the mailbox of the email that is linked with your McAfee account. on the contrary, if you have purchased the McAfee product package from a tech retail shop then you can trace out the key code within the package. Suppose, it is not there in the package then you can just look at the backside of the retail card. You just have to scratch the silver coating to trace down the activation code of McAfee to activate the software.

McAfee activation errors

In this section, you will get the errors along with the solution for each error that occurs while activating McAfee on your operating systems.

  • You are not able to see any option to redeem your retail card on the website you visited.

Solution: You might have visited the wrong website to redeem your retail card.

  • You have entered an invalid key code that doesn’t match with country and language as per your preference.

Solution: To make a selective choice on your country and language you have to use the language list visible on the Activation website. Make sure the details match the details on the retail card.

  • Invalid Product code on the screen.

Solution: Re-check and type the product activation code again there might be a mistype error.

  • Sorry, the store from which you got the retail card forgets to activate your card. You need to ask for the store to activate it, and then you can try again later.

Solution: Just return to the store immediately and ask for the activation of your retail card.

  • Issues in activating from a CD.

Solution: First of all, you have to put the CD in your drive to run the installation process. After this, follow the on-screen instruction to install the McAfee activate product. You now have to right-click on the McAfee icon and then tap on the “Activate Now” button. Just type the CD key and tap on the option labeled as “Activate”. You will see a message on the screen saying – “Activation Successful”.

For further assistance:

We hope that the steps in this article are clear to follow by every user in need. However, if you need further assistance for the steps then you are advised to visit the McAfee activate website that can be reached via And if the solution for the errors doesn’t work you can get in touch with the customer support team for elaborated guidelines.

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