Fix Errors Activating a McAfee Subscription With a CD or Retail card

McAfee has been in the race of providing antivirus solutions to the world for a long and most users still consider using it over others. However, if you are completely new to tech life and do not know how to use your newly purchased McAfee product, then it could become a headache for you. Most of the beginners make mistakes while activating their subscription either with a retail card or a CD. In this scenario, there is no option left for them instead of taking help from others.

Well, these minor issues can be easily resolved by following certain easy steps for each error. These easy-to-follow steps have been discussed further in details. Make sure you follow them in a sequential manner so as to avoid any future problems. Such errors may make you unable to redeem and activate your subscription for the ultimate usage. The same happens when you try to install your software using a CD. This ultimately becomes a hurdle for the future as well because then you won’t be able to renew your subscription. Hence, it is a suggestion by the experts to always redeem the retail card at the retail card.

Problems Activating From the Retail Card

Error 1- “There is no option to redeem your retail card at the website you went to”

Solution- the most possible reason why you might be coming across such sort of an error is because of navigating to a website that is not official. Make sure you visit the website that is mentioned on the retail card or on the CD cover.

Error 2- the product you are entering at the redemption page is not the one that belongs to the country or language that you might have selected.

Solution- in this scenario, you are suggested to redeem the product key in the same country in which you have purchased. Else, you might come across hurdles that will restrict you from activating the software. For this, navigate to the activation website and use the drop-down menu to select the correct location. Do the same for selecting the language as well.

Error 3- “Invalid Product Code”

Solution- When you see the “Invalid Product Code” error message on your screen, it means you have probably made a mistake while entering the product key. In this situation, you may try entering the product key again and see if it works.

Error 4- “Key already in use”

Solution- “Key already in use” error message appears in such sort of scenario when you have undergone multiple attempts to redeem the product on a website that officially doesn’t belong to McAfee. Make sure to redeem the key only on the official website. Note that, there are several unofficial websites of McAfee available on the Internet and hence you should know where to redeem the product key and where not. These websites are sometimes run by cybercriminals and when you enter your product key on these websites, the criminals get their hands on your product key and misuse it.

Error 5- “Sorry, but it looks like the store you got the card from forgot to activate your card. Ask the store to activate it, and then try again”

Solution- The given error message usually occurs when the store from where you have purchased your McAfee software has forgotten to activate your activation code. In this situation, you should go back to the retailer and ask him to do it so that you can start using your mcafee subscription.

Problems activating from a CD

In case you are having problems while activating your subscription from a CD, then follow the steps given below:

  1. First, insert the CD in your drive.
  2. This will begin the installation.
  3. Navigate to and follow some prompts.
  4. When the product gets installed, right-click on the McAfee icon.
  5. Select the ‘Activate now’ option.
  6. Type the activation code and then complete the process

You are done when you see an activation successful message is shown. Ensure to redeem the product key only on the official website.

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