Fix- McAfee cannot update software 2020

If you wish to update your McAfee software to 2020 version but you are unable to perform the same then this article will help you to resolve this error. In this condition, you will see the updates available by when you tap on it to update your software then you might encounter an error stating “Update problem” on Here you will get the solution to fix the McAfee cannot update software 2020.

You can check the Internet connection id there is an internet problem. We also recommend you to contact Technical support available on The root caused behind the McAfee cannot update software 2020 is the corrupt entry in the Windows registry. To resolve this error go through the solutions given in this article.

Solution for McAfee cannot update software 2020

In order to fix the error, McAfee cannot update software 2020 you can run McAfee Virtual technician available on the Follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the and tap on the “McAfee Virtual Technician” option.
  2. Just tap on the “Next” button to start the download process.
  3. Once you are prompted to download the software, just tap on the “Run” button.
  4. Now, tap on the “I Agree” option to allow the “McAfee Virtual Technician” to scan the system.

Note: Remember, the “McAfee Virtual Technician” does not resolve the issue or you do not wish to install the virtual assistant then there are different walkthrough processes given below that will help you to fix the updating issues.

Walkthrough 1: Manually registering files in the Windows registry

  1. First of all open the Windows registry (as an admin).
  2. Tap on the “Windows orb” and type “cmd” in the search field.
  3. Now, right-tap on the “cmd” and choose the option labeled as “Run as Admin”.
  4. Tap on the “Continue” in the “User Account Control” window.
  5. Now type the following commands and tap on the “Enter” button.


cd program files

cd McAfee

cd msc

cd mcsubmgr

dir /b

  1. Look for the value from the last command and tap on the “Enter” key.
  2. Type “regsvr32 /u mcsubmgr.dll” and tap on the “Ok” button.
  3. Tap on the “Close” button when you see the command prompt window.
  4. Right-tap on the “M” icon and select the “Check for updates” button.

Walkthrough 2- Just copy and then paste the register command

  1. Tap on the “Start” and choose the “Run” button.
  2. Remember, those who use Windows Vista and the 7 should tap on the “Windows orb” and then tap on the search box.
  3. Copy and paste “Regsvr32 /u C:\Progra~1\McAfee\MSC\mcsubmgr\11,0,669,0\mcsubmgr.dll command and tap on “Enter”.
  4. Now, right tap on the “V-lock” icon and tap on the “Check for updates” option.

Workaround 3

Remember, if you are uncomfortable with the walkthroughs then you can reinstall the McAfee Internet security with the help of McAfee technical support available on

In a conclusive viewpoint:

With the end of this article, we hope that you have got a view of fixing the McAfee cannot update software 2020. If you still stuck in between the walkthroughs or you have some queries related to the same then we strongly suggest you visit and get assistance from technicians and experts.

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