How to fix Windows 10 Activation Errors?

Activation plays a keep role as it enables or activates the entire applications or services included within the particular software or the operating system. Similarly, the users need to activate the Windows 10 operating system designed by Microsoft. But sometimes the users face some error while activating the Windows 10 OS. There are several activation errors like activation servers are busy, the license is not signed properly, intervals of the license validity has been expired, and many more.

These activation errors are caused due to some of the common causes like an absence of digital entitlement of the device, hardware being removed while upgrading it, KMS of the device fails to contact with the activation process, and many more. Thus, to resolve these common activation errors, some common resolving methods have been mentioned in the article given below.

Steps to fix the windows 10 Activation Errors:

By following the methods detailed below, the users of the Windows 10 could easily resolve the errors of Activation being faced by them while activating the system. The methods are as follows:

Method 1: Activate the Windows through a phone call:

  1. First and foremost, execute the run dialogue by pressing the Windows key with ‘r’ alphabet, altogether.
  2. Here, enter ‘Slui 4’, followed by pressing the enter button.
  3. Now, the users will be asked to select their region where they are residing.
  4. And then, the Windows will make a call and this call will be automated.
  5. While having this call, the users will get their installation Id and then, their Confirmation ID. Read them, loudly.
  6. After this, click the Activation’ button, followed by following the instructions being displayed over the device to complete the activation process.
  7. On completion of the process, end the call and restart the device.

Method 2: Execute the Activation Troubleshooter of the Windows 10 Device:

  1. Execute the Settings application onto the device, followed by following the path as shown below:

Updates & Security >> Activation

  1. Here copy the text as “Windows is not properly activated” and then, click the ‘troubleshoot’ button.
  2. Thus, the scanner will detect the problems prevailing by scanning the device. Thus, the problems will be detected, resolve them and try to activate Windows 10, again.

Method 3: Change the Product key using the CMD prompt:

  1. Launch the start menu and type CMD within the search bar.
  2. And then, execute the CMD prompt as administrator, followed by typing the text ‘xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.
  3. Now, wait till the process gets completed. At last, restart the device.

Method 4: Execute the System File Checker

  1. Execute the CMD prompt onto the device as administrator.
  2. And then, type the command mentioned below onto the CMD prompt screen, followed by pressing the enter key Sfc/scannow.
  1. Now, the users need to wait as the SFC scan will take a while in detecting the problems of the setup file.
  2. At last, reboot the Windows device.

Method 5: Use the default product key for activation of Windows 10:

The Default activation key will activate the device temporarily and also allows the users to replace this key with the actual one.

  1. First of all, create a text file onto the desktop of the device for the generalized registration key for Windows 10 and for Windows 10 pro
  2. And then, disable the entire network devices being added to the device including wireless too.
  3. After this, restart the device.
  4. Now, copy the generic product key that you have written onto the text file.
  5. And then, select the Windows icon through right click, followed by clicking the “System” option.
  6. Thus, the system window will be executed onto the device. Here tap the ‘Change product key’ button.
  7. Now, just paste the product key i.e. generic that the users have copied from above.
  8. After this, select the ‘Start Upgrade’ and thus, wait till the process gets completed. Now, repeat the step 5 again, and remember that this time your windows edition needs to be Windows 10 pro.
  9. Thus, copy the Windows 10 pro generic key from the text file created onto the desktop.
  10. Make network connections onto the device, followed executing the step 6 again.
  11. Now, paste the generic key of Windows 10 pro within the textbox, followed by clicking the ‘Next’ button.
  12. Thus, message will pop-up onto the device i.e. your copy of the Windows 10 pro is a legitimate copy.


Hope, after following the methods detailed in this article, the users are able to resolve their Activation errors. The methods in this article are quite easy and simple to follow. But if any of the error are faced while following these steps then, the users are requested to access the official website of Windows to get support from the technicians or experts of the company.

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