How to Fix ‘McAfee Installation Stuck at 83’ issue?

McAfee is one of the globally and trending antivirus software utilized by the users to keep their device protected against the online attacks. These online attacks like viruses, malware, hackers’ attacks and many more do attack the device, once they are getting connected with the internet.

This is because the users are highly indulged within online activities, nowadays whether it comes about shopping or making the payment to the other users. The Internet has already given a new way to users by making their life easy and simple. But it has raised the risks of being hacked too. This is the only reason, not only McAfee but other company does provide its security products.

Sometimes, the users do face some issues while installing the McAfee Activate product onto their device. One such commonly faced McAfee installation error or issue is ‘McAfee Installation stuck at 83’. Once this gets arose onto the device, an error message is displayed as shown below:

“Unable to continue installation: Your McAfee software installation cannot continue because a file on your pc is either missing or not working correctly”

Thus, to rid of this issue has been mentioned in the article given below.

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Steps to resolve the ‘McAfee Installation stuck at 83’:

By following the methods mentioned below, the users of McAfee Activate could easily fix the ‘McAfee Installation Stuck at 83’ issue, easily. The methods are as follows:

  1. Execute the MCPR i.e. McAfee Customer Product Removal tool:
    1. Visit the official website of McAfee i.e., followed by moving onto the product section.
    2. After this, do a search for the ‘MCPR’ tool or the McAfee Customer Product Removal tool.
    3. And then, click the download button to get the setup file to the device. Also, do execute the installer to install the MCPR tool.
    4. Once the setup gets successfully installed to the device. to do so, double click the setup file, followed by tapping the ‘Continue’ button to the security warning being displayed over the screen.
    5. Now, onto the next screen, click the ‘Agree’ button in order to accept the End User License Agreement being related to this McAfee Activate product.
    6. After this, enter the security code to the required field as displayed onto the screen, followed by tapping the ‘Next’ button.
    7. Once the process gets completed, two messages will be displayed over the screen i.e. Removal complete or Cleanup Successful.
  2. Launch the McAfee Pre-install tool:
    1. From the official website of McAfee i.e., download the ‘McAfee Pre-Install tool.
    2. Thus, execute the installer to install the tool onto the device. Also, do follow the prompts displayed over the screen in order to complete the installation process.
    3. Do read the warning message, followed by clicking the ‘OK’ button to make an agreement to it.
    4. After this, execute this tool. And then, click the ‘OK’ button, followed by closing the window.
    5. Restart the device.


I hope, this article is quite helpful to the McAfee Activate users in getting them rid of ‘McAfee Installation Stuck at 83’ issue easily.

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