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How to Get Computer Anti-Virus Protection For Free

First, the process starts with getting a store loyalty card. I know that I have said this before, but loyalty cards is one way that stores reward you with discounts. After you sign up for the loyalty card with the cashier of the store, make sure that you register for email alerts about weekly sales. This can be done at the time of sign-up, or later by visiting the store web-site.
You are probably thinking, that going to one of the big box stores is the answer. However my experience has taught me otherwise. I believe that the best place to buy your anti-virus protection is at one of the main office supply stores. These stores consistently offer sales throughout the year. If you only have one computer, make sure you buy the anti-virus that says it protects one computer, since this is a lot cheaper.
If your anti-virus protection is expired, you will have to buy protection immediately, whether it is free or not. However, if you are not sure which anti-virus protection to get, this could be your opportunity to try out a different one. Most of the big companies will give you a free trial offer, which can last from 15 to 30 days. This free trial can be downloaded from each company's websites. If you are changing companies, you might have to uninstall the anti-virus protection from the other company, if it is not done automatically at download. The directions are usually easy to follow.
Now comes the best part. To score a free a copy of anti-virus protection, the best time to buy it is Black Friday weekend. This is one of the door-buster items, office supply stores offer every year. I know that some of you are thinking that, there is no way you are getting up that early for anti-virus protection. However, you don't have to. My experience have shown, that most people are not out there shopping for these items as their first choice. So you can sleep late and still get it for free. You can probably still get it for free on Cyber Monday. If you miss these dates, don't panic. The Christmas and after Christmas sales are right around the corner. Although I am saying it is free, you will still have to pay for it initially. You will then be given a rebate form with your receipt, for the price of the protection for one computer. Before you go to the store, make sure to print out your reward points certificate for your store loyalty card. The value on certificate can be used to help pay for the program that is sold for 1 to 3 computers. After you submit the rebate form, you will usually get your money back in a few weeks in the form of a debit card. Since a rebate debit card is money on a card, your anti-virus protection is indeed free. However, you will not be refunded any taxes paid on your purchase. Even with that, you Still can't beat this deal.
Enjoy your savings.