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How To Remove ThinkPoint Completely From Your PC

"ThinkPoint" is a rogue antivirus program which is currently spreading like flu around millions of the World's computers. It's basically an application which has been designed to look like a working antivirus tool, but is actually a thinly-disguised virus that will continually try and make you buy the "upgrade" to the program by showing you a series of fake results. This program is also continually working to steal your passwords & other personal information that the authors can sell. To get rid of this virus, you basically need to be able to remove all the files & settings it's using to run, which can be done by following the steps outlined in this tutorial.
This program is nothing more than a "malware" (malicious software) infection - designed to install itself onto your PC and then pretend to perform an antivirus scan. This particular virus installs itself from the "fake Microsoft Security Essentials" alert - which is another fake program designed to trick you into thinking that you have some sort of problems with your system. Rogue downloads and malicious websites are being blamed for the spread of ThinkPoint, and in order to get rid of this program, you basically need to stop it from running and then remove any part of it that is causing issues for your PC.
Most people who are technically minded will actually remove this program by restarting their PC into "Safe Mode" and then deleting the files which it's using to run. This can be done by locating the "" file inside My Computer, removing it from your PC by pressing SHIFT + DELETE. Although some people have manually removed this virus, most people report that it returns whenever you restart. This problem is caused by the way in which it will store a large number of "hidden" files that the virus will then use to load up the program again. This means that it's vital you're able to get rid of the infection in the most complete way possible to be sure that your computer is safe.
To completely remove this virus, it's recommended you use what's known as a "malware removal tool". These are software programs which have been created by professional software developers to remove all the infected parts of a malware infection from your PC. To remove ThinkPoint, we've found that a tool called "XoftSpy" works the best. This has been created by a large software company in Canada, and works by scanning through your system and getting rid of any of the rogue files / settings that ThinkPoint has placed into it. You can use XoftSpy by downloading it to your PC, installing it and then letting it remove all the infected files that your system has.